Kindle South Africa

Amazon is the only seller of Kindles and can’t be beaten on price!
Because the Kindle is an official Amazon product and only directly sold via Amazon, grey-importers have to charge a premium in order to make a profit. So unless you simply can’t wait 8-12 days for your Kindle, you should never buy from anyone else except Amazon.

What about delivery?
A while back there was some media attention regarding Amazon’s decision to no longer ship to South Africa. This is not the case and the misunderstanding was mainly due to bad reporting in the media. So Amazon does ship to South Africa and it usually takes between 8-12 days for your brand-new Kindle to arrive at your doorstep!

Want a Kindle Today? Then buy your Kindle in South Africa – I have compiled a list of where to get the cheapest Kindle in South Africa.

Kindle South Africa – Prices

These are the prices that Amazon currently charges for Kindles – including all import and shipping costs! The prices for Kindles in South Africa vary slightly day-to-day due to currency fluctuations.


  1. Hey – thanks so much for this! Saved a good R 200 off the price and had my brandnew Kindle delivered without any issues – delivery time an amazing 6 days!

  2. This site kicks ass!
    Good job.

  3. Hi – I am afraid, I disagree, there are some great local online retailers who bring in kindle, yes it might cost a little more. But bearing in mind, the honor the warranty, and the are a local company you can call when the Kindle breaks etc. S.A Companies also need to make some money out of doing it. So if you want a good deal and good service go to – they are local, and are the cheapest, and provide support etc! I dont think anyone should fight over R300 or R400!

    R2199.00 locally – versus – R1744.00

    Local support! When the kindle breaks, you dont have the hassle of shipping etc.

    Its the way to go – SUPPORT LOCAL COMPANIES!


    • Hi Jonty – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights from a retailers perspective. Good point on the warranty – even though amazon offers a one year limited warranty it could prove quite valuable to have a local go-to guy!

      And as always – LOCAL IS LEKKER:)

  4. I have ordered 5 kindles from Amazon, the last two in May, they took 4 days to deliver, fabulous service. The prices of Kindles being offered in South Africa are extremely high.

  5. Are there any stores (not online retailers) in Joburg where i can buy Kindle accessories, like covers or cases?

  6. Can someone please tell me how I can access Face Book and hotmail on my 3G Amazon kindle in South Africa. Every time I try I get stuck.

    • Hi G – you can access both websites, but the user experience is very restrictive…

      For both websites, I found that the mobile sites normally work better – ensure that javascript is enabled in your browser settings, then visit the following urls: or

      Hope this helps!

      – Kindle | SA

  7. Newill Lamacchia

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  8. what is the real advantage of getting the kindle with 3G?

    • Hi Peter

      Essentially the advantage of the 3G Kindle is that you’re not “tethered” to a nearby WiFi hotspot. This will ensure that you can download books and receive any subscriptions wherever you are – plus you can also browse the internet (although the experience is somewhat limited). The 3G Kindle is great if you’re travelling a lot – it works globally and – best of all – it’s free!

  9. Can you get a WHITE version of it? I was on the amazon website and it seems as if the graphite is only available for sa?? Can you guys assist?

    • Hi Diena

      Unfortunately the white version is only available to customers in the US. For the UK and other international countries, Amazon currently ony ships the graphite version of the Kindle 3.

      You can try eBay if it absolutely has to the white one;)

  10. I really enjoy your site, excellent value, this helps.

  11. I would like to purchase a kindle. I stay in South Africa. Please send the link

  12. What is the cost once I have a kindle in terms of browsing and ordering books? Is there a monthky subscription fee?

    • Hi Arn

      There is no monthly subscription fee and downloading via Amazon’s Whispersync network is free. You only pay for the books/content you purchase.

  13. I recently bought a Kindle in the UK.I am now home and have no luck in connecting to whispernet. Was I mis-informed when I bought the Kindle? Does the 3G work here?

    • Yes it does work. We bought a Kindle in the US and have already downloaded several books via 3G/Edge connection. There is no charge for the data used when downloading the books onto one’s Kindle. We live in a rural area of South Africa and in spite of the slow connection, the books downloaded very quickly. Ask someone to check your 3G connection for you. Maybe the software needs adjusting. Good luck

  14. The 3G Kindle is worth the extra R400.

    You have unlimted free G3 internet browsing (also gmail + facebook)

    Where can I get a reasonable cover for my Kindle?


  15. I’m interested in Kindle directly from Amazon with delivery to RSA, but howcome we dont have the option to buy the DX version (9+ inch screen). I’m interested in the larger size for textbook reading mainly, but to include Wifi and 3G. Any feedback on this?

    • Hi Ivonne

      I just tried to order a Kindle DX on Amazon and it worked fine – final pricing was $ 390.58 for the Kindle + $ 60 for shipping….click here to get it from Amazon…

      Click “Live Outside the US” and select ‘South Africa” to be re-directed to the appropriate page.

      Otherwise I did see offers locally for around R 3800.

      Hope this helps,

      Kindle | SA

  16. My Kindle’s LCD screen is not functioning. I have a technical problem. Where in Gauteng might I find help?


  17. Hi there. I want to know… if i buy the Kindle, how do i subscribe? or am i already subscribed? Thanks

  18. I am interested in the “new” kindle for my wife
    please tell me what it does or does not do compared to my existing kindle

    • Hi David

      Amazon has actually introduced a variety of new Kindles to their range – unfortunately the only one currently available to South Africans is this one. Essentially it does away with the keyboard for a lighter, smaller design but retains the same great eInk screen (it’s not a touchscreen). It is also a bit cheaper than the Kindle Keyboard (i.e. the existing model).

      On the downside – the new Kindle has a smaller battery which cuts down on reading time – reports suggest that the battery life is around 50% less than what you would expect from the Kindle Keyboard. It is currently also only available in the WiFi version. And if you use the keyboard a lot for typing, or making notes then of course the Kindle Keyboard is the better option.

      Hope this helps!

  19. I am wanting to buy a kindle as a gift for someone who can only read italian, hence I need to know if I am able to buy these from amazon or not.

  20. I would also like to buy a kindle as a gift, but need to know if you can download books from online book shops other than Amazon? In perticular local books…

  21. Hey there, You’ve done a great job. I will certainly digg it!

  22. Heya,

    Thanks for this informative site. Have you investigated the possibility of bulk order discounts? I know that offers free shipping for orders over a certain price, but they don’t ship Kindles here (only as far as I know. I ask because I work in a higher education and want to purchase (for now) 10 Kindles for student use.

    • Hi Kosie

      I’m not aware of any discounts, but I do know that you can select to bundle your purchases to save on shipping…With this option selected a purchase of 10 Kindles (the new WiFi version) the total cost would be $ 1387 of which shipping will be $ 129 (or $ 12.90 per device)….Click here to learn more..

  23. Hi

    My order to Amazon for a Kindle 4 was turned down. They say they cannot ship to my South African address(a PO Box).



  24. Anyone know where I can have a kindle repaired in South Africa

    • Hi Colin…whilst all Kindles are covered by Amazon’s Guarantee it’s probably not worth it to ship it back to the US to get it replaced.

      You could try Incredible Connection as they recently landed a partnership with Amazon to be SA’s official re-seller and service partner for Kindles…


  25. Hi
    I want to buy a Kindle as a gift for a family member who lives in South Africa, I am however in in Canada and will buy it online from Amazone … will there be a option for paying in CAD but shipping abroad?

    • Hi Lulu

      You can buy a Kindle for your family in SA – just make sure that you select South Africa as the country before you add the Kindle to your shopping cart. During the checkout process there is an option to mark “This is a Gift” – checking this ensures that Amazon doesn’t link the Kindle to your account..

  26. Hi Kindle SA
    Just to say I love your website and as I have just decided to buy a Kindle it has been a great help to me. Regarding the Kindle Synthetic Leather Cover (R60) on your Kindle accessories page, where can you buy it? Online I presume?

    • Hi Carrie

      Glad you liked my site:) From what I’ve seen the cheapest Kindle Covers are still available on BidOrBuy…whilst there’s currently none listed for R 60, there is this one for R 165.

      Incredible Connection or Makro might also have stock – although the price that Incredible Connections quotes is slightly ridiculous…

      Hope this helps:)

    • I’ll take a look at the Kindle Fire when it arrives in the UK, which prolbbay won’t be until next year.One of my main criteria is whether it is able to handle epub files which I currently read on my Motorola Xoom using Mantano Reader. This depends on how much they have modified the Android OS and whether you can install other readers in addition to Amazon’s or if the Kindle software has been updated to handle other formats.I have exclusively purchased books in epub format to date and wish to stick with that format. I also use Sigil to tidy and correct public domain epub files (its surprising how many mistakes you find in them). Yes I know you can use Calibre to convert epub files to mobi but this doesn’t work on DRM’d files and I don’t what to repurchase them.

  27. HI Kindle SA

    I am considering purchasing a Kindle. I am looking at the Kindle Keyboard 3G. I want to find out what the difference is between the $189 and the $139 with special offers?


    • Hi Janine

      The “Kindle with Special Offers” includes advertising – the messages are only displayed on the “sleep screen” and aren’t very intrusive at all. The downside is that the Kindle With Special Offers is only supported in the US (so you can’t order it for SA straight from Amazon) and if you buy it locally from a re-seller you could face issues with your warranty if something were to go wrong.

  28. Hi Kindle SA

    I was just wondering about the new kindle, wouldn’t it be a hassle when typing to use the buttons to select the letters? and what exactly would you use the keyboard for?

    • Hi Lucy

      The keyboard is primarily used to do title searches or take notes – so if you are planning on using the Kindle for research/study, I suggest you opt for the Kindle Keyboard – otherwise the non-keyboard Kindle will be sufficient.

      You could also look into the Kindle Touch which offers text entry via a touchscreen much like an iPad…

  29. Can somebody please advise me why the Kindle Touch does not seem to be available for shipping to South Africa? I have tried without success to order this from the Amazon website yet it seems to be available through other SA websites at a premium price?

  30. Hi,

    I have just bought a Kindle from (I’m waiting for it to be delivered in South Africa), I paid the Import Fees Deposit, does this cover the VAT & Duties or will I have to pay this on delivery? Does anybody know approximately how much they will be?


    • Hi Jane

      The final price you paid for your Kindle during checkout includes all Custom Duties, VAT or other charges – there will be no additional charges once your Kindle reaches South Africa.

  31. Hi, I want to purchase 2 x leather Kindle covers for the 6″ 4th generation Kindle which I purchased from Amazon last week. However, they do not ship to S.A. ?

    • Hi Cheryl, did you manage to find a cover for the Kindle 4 yet? I also just bought one and can’t get a cover for it. Also, I can’t do the setup cause it won’t connect to wi fi. Did you have the same problem?

  32. Hi

    I want to order a kindle as a Christmas present, if I order it today will it be here in time?


  33. Other advantages of kindle keyboard include double storage space, double battery life, MP3 player, audible audiobook player and text-to-speech capabilities. this seems worth the extra R400

  34. All of my questions setteld-thanks!

  35. Hi there I would like to knw if the kindle fire or touch will work in SA if I buy it via amazon and get it delivered

    • Hi Shro

      Unfortunately the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are only available in the US and don’t ship to SA. You can buy both from importers on

      Regarding the functionality – we’ve been advised that the Kindle Fire has very limited functionality in SA as most of its cloud services will be unavailable. The Kindle Touch will work just fine.

      Hope this helps..

  36. Hi there

    Can any of the 3G versions be shipped to SA? I tried to buy the $189 Kindle on Amazon but it said it could not be shipped to SA.

    A bit confused…


    • Hi Katie

      You just have to find the page for international shipping – it’s a bit confusing. If you follow this link, you will see a message in the middle just below the menu that reads “Live outside the U.S.? Kindle is available to ship outside of the U.S. from this page. ” – simply click through and purchase:)

      For more info on how to buy your Kindle, click here.

  37. Hi there. I’ve been experiencing problems with my Kindle (purchased via Amazon in Jan 2011, software v 3.1) since mid Oct, whereby it constantly locks up and I have to reset it. Sometimes up to 3 times in a reading session. It’s getting worse and now also ‘hangs’ while resetting. The Kindle website advises to download the latest software (v3.3)but it hangs while the software is updating and then just stops, without updating the software. Who can I get tech help from? There is no email address for tech problems on the Kindle site.

  38. Good Day:

    I got a Kindle from Amazon as a present a week ago. I have been trying to get it connected to WIFI ever since without luck. Do you know anyone in South Africa who can assist me in connecting it to WIFI before I can register with Amazon. In my age, it is becoming more difficult to do this. Its Model No D01100 IC: 9599A-0725 FCC ID: ZEG-0725

  39. Hi. I am receiving a new Kindle 6′ from my sister in the UK. I have an account as well as an account. Which one is better for Kindle content? I have an option to de-register it from the UK account. Do you recommend I use the US account rather?

    Thanks for a great, informative site.

  40. Hi I am looking for the kindle keyboard with 3G &wifi.have been onto the Amazon is quite difficult to work way around but have figured out how to order,but it won’t give me a color option as you would’ have if you are a us citizen. How do I over come this

  41. Hi, I would like to purchase the Kindle with Wi-Fi but I don’t speak tech – will this model allow me to download ebooks when I am in a Wi Fi spot? What other things can I do with it when Wi Fi is available?

  42. Good day!

    I recently got a brand new Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display as a gift.

    The problem however, is that I cannot set up my Kindle, because I do not know how to set-up the Wi-Fi.

    My Kindle picks up a few Wi-Fi connections when I scan for networks, but all of them are secured, and cannot be accessed.

    Is there any other way?

    Please help!

    Thank you!

  43. Can anyone answer my previous question please?

    I am receiving a new Kindle 6′ from my sister in the UK. I have an account as well as an account. Which one is better for Kindle content? I have an option to de-register it from the UK account. Do you recommend I use the US account rather?


  44. Why are kindle newspapers twice the price in SA compared to the USA eg New york Times $1.99 in SA vs $0.99 in the USA? Is there any remedy for this?

  45. Good day,

    I live in Canada and I want to purchase a Kindle on line and then take to South Africa next month as a gift. Will there be any problems when the person has to log on to activate the Kindle in South Africa since it was purchased in Canada?



    • Hi Alan

      There can be issues with content accessability when registering Kindles in countries other than the country of purchase. It should be ok as long as the account that is registered in SA – to be 100% certain I would purchase the SA Kindle and then ship it SA marked as Gift. There have also been issues with Kindle “breaking” when taken thrugh airport scanners so this could also be a problem….

  46. Hi , i cant decide between the kindle touch with 3g or Fire with only wi-fi , what would you suggest


    • Hi Gert

      Personally I would say it depends on what you will be wanting from the device in terms of functionality.
      If you want to read books then the Kindle Touch with the free Whispersync 3G is hands down the better option.
      If you want to do anything more than just read books and essentially require tablet functionality (i.e email, browsing, video etc.) then the Kindle Fire is the one to go for. Please note that the Kindle Fire is not fully supported in SA and some functionality is restricted – more details here.

      Hope this helps,

  47. Please assist, I would like to purchase a Kindle but get this error message on Amazon. Is there
    a special link I’m missing???

    Important Message

    Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display cannot be shipped to the selected address. A non-US address was selected for this US-only Kindle. For the best wireless coverage and fastest shipping to South Africa, please visit the non-US Kindle page and choose the country in which this Kindle will be used.

    • Hi Reece

      Note that not all Kindles are available for shipment to SA – i.e. you can’t order the “ad-supported” versions to SA at this time.

      For help on how to buy your Kindle on Amazon, please see our step-by-step guide
      Or you can try BidorBuy if you want to buy locally (you will probaby pay a slight premium, but shipping is quicker). Hope this helps!

  48. Hi,

    Am looking in to bying a kindle. And would like to know if something happens with the kindle meaning hanging / freeze etc. where can we have it repaired in namibia.


  49. Hi, I am thinking about purchasing the Kindle Keyboard WiFi and 3G. Can I use those functions to download ebooks? how does the 3G work. you mention its free, does that mean for all internet usage (except online purchases of course)? Also, will I have to insert a sim card? If not how does the 3G work, and how will I know if it will work in the area I live in?

    Please reply ASAP as I want to make the purchase in the next day or so.


    • Hi Fatima

      For the WiFi to work, you obviosuly need to be in the vicinity of a wireless network and be able to connect to it. The 3G runs off Amazon’s Whispersync network and any content you download from Amazon is free in terms of bandwidth costs. For more info on exactly how it works please consult this page.

  50. Hi there. What is the reason the Kindle Fire functionality is limited here in SA? Is it because our bandwidth is limited and the data usage with the Fire is much more than with the other models? Could I at least download books with the Fire? When will these problems be sorted out by?

    • Hi Catherine

      The reason the Kindle Fire has limited functionality is that the device isn’t supposed to be available locally, i.e. the Kindle Fire is a US only product. The devices that are available locally are so-called grey imports and aren’t officially supported by Amazon. And yes – you can download and read books on your Kindle Fire, just like you would on a normal Kindle. You can also transfer movies and other content onto the device from your PC – but you need to order a USB cable to do this. More info here

  51. Hi Kindles are now available in store at Incredile Connection? Also offering full support and after sales service. New deal with Amazon. Launched Nov 2011

  52. Kindle SA – you guys rock! This website is the best ever in terms of your friendly response to questions!!!

  53. I so badly want a kindle fire….when will they be available in South Africa…I am on my second kindle love it love it LOVE IT but now i need a FIRE

  54. Hi

    I recently ordered a Kindle touch from Amazon, which was delivered by DHL. Although my Amazon statement declared that I had paid import duties amounting to something like $21.00, I still had
    to pay another R260.00 to DHL to have it cleared (this after trying to find out for 3 days why the Kindle was laying in Cape Town.) They said this was for Import duties, when I contacted Amazon the guy told me that this is the usual practice as Amazon can’t predict what import would be in countries like South Africa.

    Presumably the Kindle is still cheapest when bought from Amazon, but apparently (via DHL and the Amazon Support Guy) Import duties being charged to your card can be a bit iffy.

  55. 2 questions please: I would like to buy kindle TOUCH, preferably through Amazon direct but understand they don’t ship the Touch to SA. If there is a problem with the device at some stage, what back up would I receive (or am I forced to pay the inflated price through Incredible Connection so as to receive back up); do both the Touch and Keyboard have X-RAY function? Thanks for brilliant site, been through dozens but few offer as much help as yours.

  56. I am lucky that I noticed this website , exactly the right information that I was looking for! .

  57. I’m trying to order through Amazon but for some or other reason it keeps saying that they cant ship to my address (P.O.Box 41, Sunland, 6115) Any thoughts?

  58. Does anyone know of a place in SA where a kindle leather cover with light can be repaired? The bottom chip broke off!

  59. I bought a Kindle from Amazon and it was returned to them ‘undeliverable’- while my address is also a doctor’s surgery and is always attended! To Amazon’s credit, they reversed payment, but I feel I have learned a lesson: BUY LOCAL!!

  60. Hi guys I’ve just bought a new Kindle Fire, but Amazon wont let me buy anything off the site without a US credit card. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a work around?

  61. Hi Sarie
    I am interested in buying a kindle. Are the sponsored ads shown whilst you are reading? i.e. are they obtrusive?
    Also, what would be a benefit of buying a touch kindle versus a non-touch one??


    • Hi Natalie

      The ads are extremely unobtrusive and most of them will only show on the “sleep” screen of the Kindle, i.e. the screen that’s displayed when the Kindle is off. There is also a function to turn these ads off entirely from within your Amazon account if you find that they are annoying (for a small fee of course:).

      You can find more information on the Kindle vs Kindle touch in our review.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  62. Hi – Bought a kindle 3 months ago in south africa and screen has frozen – where can we take it
    for warranty repairs. We live in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal.

  63. What is the point in having this website if you do not reply to simple questions?????

    • Hi Susan
      The point in having this website is to provide informative content and reviews around the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers. Whilst we do try and cover as many comments as possible in a timely manner, the site is not designed to be a forum nor an avenue for customer complaints.

      You can get in touch with Amazon via their call centre, or you could try Incredible Connection for local assistance.

      Hope this helps,

  64. Bought a Kindle Touch 3G through Amazon today: $189 + $30.98 Shipping + $29.11 Import = $249.09 = R1960.00 … it seems to still be cheaper than buying locally – the one I ordered does not have the advert pop-ups therefore is $40 more expensive than those that do. It will take a month to get here and can only be delivered to a street address (a challenge when you live on a farm in the bush!).

  65. Hi,

    My mom-in-law says that she cannot get her books out of the archive. How can she solve this problem?


  66. Hi. I notice that it’s possible to borrow books from local libraries in the US via your Kindle. Can you tell me whether this is also available to us in South Africa?

  67. Hi, I have just bought a Kindle touch with WiFi but no 3G, as I have broadband at home. I am trying to connect using my password but it just wont accept this password saying its too short. I only use two passwords, have tried both and just keep getting the same message?
    This is very frustrating, besides that the screen freezes up constantly, making matters worse! I am honestly feeling that I have bought a gimmick item, as there is no sign of it wanting to work properly, or at all! And it was intended as a gift for my sister but i dont want her to be struggling trying to get it working! Please, do you have some answers/suggestions for me?



  68. I tried to order the kindle touch, but everytime the amazo site gives a message saying that it cannot be shipped outside the US. According to your side it should be possible. What could the problem be.

  69. I have a Kindle Fire and the screen is cracked and now won’t turn on. Is there a place in Johannesburg where
    I can get it fixed or must I just buy a new one? Amazon say I must return it and they will sell me a new one at a reduced
    price but the cost of sending it back and postage back to SA will end up being more costly.

    Can anyone help?

  70. Hi
    What features does the Amazon Kindle Fire have in South Africa?

  71. I tried to order the PaperWhite WiFi, but it said I cannot ship to my location? ANy ideas?

  72. Good day

    I am looking at getting the new Kindle Fire HD.
    Will there be any limitations to its use in South Africa (I read that the previous fire had limited functionality outside of USA)


  73. Does anyone know where I can get my screen repaired in Cape Town? There is a whiteout mark along the lower third of the screen..

  74. Riaan Engelbrecht

    Hi There, I am looking for very large numbers of Kindle devices. Please let me know how I can negotiate volume discounts?

  75. Hey there…
    I am looking to buy a Kindle, but I am a little unsure! I am not sure which kindle is best, I don’t want to buy the top of the range, as this is my first kindle! I’m also not very bothered with fancy applications, as long as I can navigate the screen easily! What would you say is the best way to buy, internet or local?! Thanx

    • Hi Colyn

      All of the Kindle’s interfaces are extremely easy to navigate and if you can navigate a modern smartphone, this shouldn’t be an issue. Below are the 3 main things I would consider when selecting your first Kindle:

      Storage: the newer Kindles have lower built in storage (i.e. 2GB vs 4GB). The Kindle does not support physical storage expansion through microSD, so this is something that’s worth noting.

      Connectivity: Do you need WiFi or 3G? There are no extra charges for 3G (except for the slightly higher price for the device). Consider how you expect to use the Kindle (i.e. will you mostly be buying books on you desktop and transferring to your Kindle or do you expect to use it extensively on travels or during long commutes, in which case the 3G version is better?)

      Price: With the new Kindle Paperwhite soon to be released, the price for older devices on the second-hand market will probably drop. The Kindle Keyboard is still an excellent eReader and if you can pick one up at the right price will make an excellent first Kindle.

      Overall, the Touch screen is slightly less intuitive initially, but is much more user friendly in the long term (flipping pages is slightly easier in my opinion than on the non-touch screen devices). Apart from that, the one is not necessarily better than the other and it boils down to user preference to a large degree.

      Also just to note that the Kindle Fire is essentially a tablet and thus offers a lot more functionality (read: is more complicated) than the plain Kindle readers. Full write up of how to use Kindle Fire in South Africa can be found here.

      Hope this helps!

  76. I’m also trying to pre-order the Kindle Paperwhite but Amazon won’t send it to SA. I’ve tried both the .com and sites. Very frustrating.

  77. I am struggling to order the new papwerwhite 3g Kindle. Amazon’s website says that it can’t be delivered to my adress in Johannesburg. Any reason for this?

  78. Hi, I am trying to order a Kindle from, but as soon as I put in my South African address as the shipping address, it says that the product cannot be shipped to that address. Why is this ? I have tried different types of Kindles, but to no avail. Do you know if they have stopped shipment to South Africa in this past week ?

  79. Stanley Hlatshwayo

    Hi guys. Please help me my kindle does not switch on, I can see the green light but not the screen. The battery is fully charged, what do you think could be the problem?

  80. Not everyone has a credit card to use for online payments. Is there an actual, physical shop to go to to buy a Kindle?

    • Hi Carol

      You can buy the Kindle in South Africa through Incredible Connection or Makro, although in both instances you will be paying slightly more than if you go directly through Amazon. Otherwise it’s also worth checking out Gumtree for sellers..

  81. Hi there.

    I’m thinking about buying the kindle paper white? Is it available in South Africa from Amazon? How much would the importing costs and everything else be?

    Thank you so much for the friendly service and advice given.

    • Hi Tersia

      Unfortunately Amazon does not yet ship the Kindle Paperwhite to South Africa. You can get them locally from Genesis for about R 1800.

  82. Hi I cannot connect to WIFI Network Have a Siemens Giga 762 and able to connect laptops
    please help

  83. I have dropped my kindle and the top half of my screen has gone white. Is there anything I can do? If not, is there somewhere I can take it in cape town to have it repaired?

  84. Hi Kindle SA
    Just a question on your reply to Catherine about the Kindle Fire.
    I bought a kindle fire through amazon and really think its great. I must say that it was bought without doing any research.
    You say books can still be downloaded and movies can be uploaded via PC.
    Can you help me with these methods as I cannot even download any apps from my KindleFire.
    Do you have a direct number for “technical support” I can contact?

    Please help.

    • Hi Jean

      Unfortunately the Kindle Fire isn’t fully supported in South Africa and some of the features will not work. However, there are ways around this. We’ve written a guide on how to use your Kindle Fire in South Africa which hopefully is of some use. There is also loads of information on the internet regarding the Kindle Fire and “sideloading” of apps.

      Hope this helps.

  85. where can i have my kindle repaired. I live in teh western cape

  86. Hello Everybody, has stock of the Paperwhite! I just ordered.


  87. Which Kindles are currently in stock that Amazon can ship to SA? I find that the Kindle Keyboard with 3G is not currently available when trying to check out on Amazon

  88. Ek wil die nuwe book van die verskillend skedawe van greys kry, want my pampoen soek my mielie…..

  89. Hi, where can I get my Kindle repaired? its a Kindle Keyboard and i believe its the LCD…?

    Many thanks

  90. Hi – how can I have my Kindle screen repaired? This is a crisis as my holiday reading has now vanished!:(
    Trust to hear from you soonest


  91. Hi. Want to buy my first Kindle. Seen the Touch, the dinky entry level and the key pad option. Are their any new versions due thru Amazon for the SA market that has the following options.
    3 G

    Do not want to order something that will be discontinued in 3-6 months.

    Love this site- well done

    • Hi Gill

      The option for you would be the Kindle Paperwhite 3G & WiFi. It is the latest, top of the range Kindle – the only downside is that it’s currently not available in South Africa. You can however get it from or bidorbuy, but please be aware of the following:

      • * as it’s not officially supported by Amazon in South Africa, there might be some issues if the Kindle breaks and you try to exchange it – so check with the seller whether he offers a local return/exchange policy (not many do, but it’s worth paying a bit extra if this is offered)
      • * are you buying the ad-supported version or the “clean” version? Whilst the ads are extremely un-obtrusive and will hardly impact your reading experience, it is worth checking which one you’re buying as the ad supported Kindle is cheaper. I’ve seen many sellers not stating this explicitly and charging higher prices even though its actually the cheaper, ad-supported version.
      • * check the delivery times – if they say 3-4 weeks, they are probably just drop-shipping the Paperwhite from America to SA – check to see whether the Kindle is actually in South Africa to avoid frustrating delivery times

      Finally, it would recommend getting a cover for your Paperwhite at the same time as you get the Kindle – you can merge the shipping costs and save some cash. Plus you won’t run the risk of damaging your screen just as you start enjoying your brand new Kindle!

      Happy e-reading!

  92. Hi thank you for the input. Now really unsure what to do. I am happy to order from Amazon, but when will paperwhite officially be available in SA? I was considering the keypad option direct from Amazon as the cost is good, as it comes with wifi and 3G and has the audio book facility. The local salesman did try to swing me away from this option by pointing out the problem of warrantee and repairs. As a now global company, how does Amazon handle these issues? How good is the audio book feature? No point in including that if the choice isnt there. Sorry to bring this up, but in SA we have an english ear for accents, not an american ear and this concerns me. Has there been any comment on this? I want a clean version whichever one I buy – sorry just dont want the ads. Appreciate your feedback. Regards Gill


  94. how do i get an address that amazon will deliver to.I have punched in 3 and they say they cannot deliver to these addresses.

  95. Picking up on Gill Celliers query on the availabilty of the Kindle Paperwhite 3G Wi Fi.

    I went onto Wantiall and they do have it but at a price of R2800 ! Amazon have it for $199 ( without specials) equates to about R1700. A marked diference.
    Bid or Buy do not seem to have it. I would also be concerned about warrantly issues.

    BUT Amazon do not ship this to SA ( currently ???) … in fact at the moment the Touch is unavailable and all they seem to be able to ship is the simple 6″ Kindle.
    Nor will they ship the leather cover for it!

    Any feed back on whether these will in time be available in SA…..Have a daughter who is working up in Africa ( Tchad) her kindle Touch got stolen from her bag at OR Thambo ) and she is desperate to replace it, to be able to read!! )
    Amazon have said they will reload all the books she had on it…which is cool. IF we can get the Kindle!!!


  96. Hi!

    I would like to ask where I can get the Kindle keyboard repaired.

    The problem is my child broke the the two connection parts between Kindle left side two holes and the Kindle cover. The metal parts remained in the holes.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Huaidong
      We should rebuild 1 kindle keyboard from our 2. I need a new screen and know of a place that will fit it if I provide the screen. Are you willing to sell me your Kindle for the screen provided the screen is still intact??? or vice versa!!


  97. If you buy two kindles do you just pay once for shipping costs?

  98. Hi

    Got Kindle as Chritmas present, delivery recieved on 8 Jan. My problem it is a Wi Fi only. Is it possable to swap or upgrade to a internet conneted Kindle.

  99. Hi there,

    My kindle screen seems damaged as only the bottom 2cm actuallly is readable. It was dropped. Where do I get it repaired

  100. Hi, the Kindle is advertised for USD69 on American Amazon. Why is South African version so expensive?

    • Hi Johan

      That would be the ad-supported version of the Kindle which is not available to ship directly to SA. In addition, Amazon does charge shipping costs plus there’s an additional import charge that’s payable due to SA customs – so all these costs unfortunately add up.

      There’s plenty of Kindle’s available online at around R1 100 for the entry level one – still almost double than what US customers have to pay, but a lot better than what our local retailers like Incredible Connection are charging….

  101. Hi
    I have a Kindle Keyboard 3G Wifi, about 18mths old. It keeps rebooting itself, freezing etc. I’ve done a reboot by holding down slider for 30 secs but it’s still doing the same thing and now tells me my books no longer exist (book list does come up tho). Have now tried to reset it to factory default settings, but its frozen again. Please say it isn’t so that my Kindle is dead? Can’t live without it! Is there anywhere in Dbn, KZN i can take it for repairs?

  102. My sister is bringing me a Kindle Paperwhite from the UK, it only has WiFi, I have internet at home, but not WiFi, how will I download content?

    • Hi Dominique

      The device will come with a USB cable that you can use to transfer content from your desktop to your Kindle…when purchasing any ebook or other content on Amazon it will give ask you how to transfer it to your Kindle – simply select the Download & transfer via USB and follow the steps…

  103. Hi
    Bought a Kindle Fire HD 7″ in the UK. Whilst there wifi connection was perfect. Have now returned to SA, and although the Kindle connects to router, it won’t connect to the internet. Could it be that I cancelled my Telkom data on 1st, but this will run till the end of this month, and am also running Mweb?

  104. Hi I’m looking for a Kindle for my mom who is in her 80’s. She has poor eyesight so it has been suggested that we get her one with a back light and possible audio for the future. It must also be extremely user friendly. I am at a loss as there are so many things on the market these days.Help plz
    Dave Thomas

  105. Hi,
    I have a Kindle Fire HD, purchased in the UK. When I received it in January I was able to purchase books, download apps, watch movies etc…. for a few weeks now I am unable to do any of these on my Kindle. I keep getting the message you are not in a supporting country. Can I do anything to be able to download or purchase items in SA? Why did it work when I first received it and then all of a sudden not?
    I have been told that a Kindle purchased in the UK will only work with an account and credit card and only in the UK, is this true? (mine is registered to a UK account with a UK credit card) What is the point of having a Kindle if you can’t travel with it?

  106. Downloading to a PC
    At home I have no wireless connection and unreliable 3G connection. For buying e-books I assume that downloading to a PC and then transferring to a Kindle via a USB cable will be the way to go. On the Amazon site reference is made to an ap to transfer to a PC running Windows 8 or newer. My PC runs on Windows XP and I cannot find a reference to the appropriate ap.

    How best do I download an e-book?

  107. Hi, I have a kindle fire that is not working. Not sure whether it is the charger or the device.
    Is their anyone in Gauteng that can fix my device.
    I am 83years old and really depend on my kindle.

  108. Hi, I tried to order 30 Kindles from Kindle Educational Sales for a township school, however Amazon said the maximum I can purchase is 2 !??!! Why does Amazon Educational Sales not do bulk orders to South Africa?

  109. Hi

    I have a two year old Kindle keypad and it has two problems, probably related…
    1/ The charging socket connection is loose.
    2/ It has locked in the off mode and will not switch on when the slide button is activated. It gave a “not ejected properly” error msg.

    I live in Cape Town, where can I get it fixed?

  110. Hi,
    I’m on my 3ed Kindle with keybord & Wi-Fi – the first 2 both had screen issues, When the 1st screen went, I contacted and they sent me a new 1 for $64 (it was 2 months after my international warrentee had expired). The second one gave me the same problem (white screen, hanging, with only a corner or so of a page legible) and I contacted them again – this time they replaced it without any additional cost.

    When they replace it, they send you an email with the airway bill necessary to return your broken Kindle back to them at their cost!

    I also received my Kindles, delivered via courier to my home, within 3-4 days.

    I have always bought from Amazon.cpm directly – and even the cover with its light attached was cheaper than what is being offered in RSA – it definitely didn’t cost me close to R800, as I saw advertised at Incredible Connections when they originally received their stock!

    If you need something to just use for reading – don’t buy a Kindle Fire – buy 1 of the less expensive modles – they’re easy to use and you do not have to buy all your ebooks from Amazon – you can buy from outher sites, as long as you download the books in a format that the Kindle recognises – the most common 1 I’ve found between sites is the mobipocketbook version.

    I hope that helps someone who is thinking about hetting a Kindle – its the best thing that can happen to a bookworm!

  111. Hi,

    This site has really been helpful. I’ve been researching Kindles for a little while now and I am interested in getting the Fire HDX. I want something with an e-reader but also with tablet functions and this seems to fit the bill for me. I just have a few questions that I hope you can assist me with.

    1. Is the customs price really included in the price? That would be quite a saving, since the places I have looked at price the kindle hdx at nearly the same price as laptop.
    2. Does the 3G option work in SA? I’ve seen on the amazon website that they name US or UK mobile companies, will the 3G still work in SA under and SA mobile contractor?
    3. If there is a problem is there anyone in SA who can assist or is it better to rely on amazon’s service on their warranty?


  112. one more question.

    The ad support version, not sure if it available to sa customers but is it a nuisance? In the sense that it would be better to get the ad free version. I ask because the ad version is about $20 cheaper and would be a bit of a save.


  113. HI

    Do you know where i can get my Kindle Fire HD repaired. it was dropped and the screen has cracked. it still works but i need to get the screen repaired.

    It was a gift from the States and i cant easily send it back to America to get the screen repaired.

    Any suggestions would be a huge help.


  114. i am using a kindle keyboard wifi+3G, the screen is not functiopnal anymore .where can i fix in Gauteng South Africa?

  115. Hullo,

    I bought a Kindle Wifi 6 from some Johannesburg lass just a few months ago. She had won it in a competition and it was brand new when she sold it to me. She, just like me, knows not where exactly the device was bought. The one hint in the package is “Sandton”; but Sandton is such a big place.

    Now, the screen is broken. Half the screen does not work anymore, and the other half is slowly dying out. How can I get my Kindle repaired? And will Amazon replace it despite the fact that I did not buy it from them?

    It’s with optimism that I’ll wait for a response.

  116. Hi, I’d like to order a Kindle from Amazon. How safe is it in terms of delivery with our Post Office situation?

  117. I have a kindle 3. The screen is frozen and i cannot seem to move from the homepage. Where can i get it fixed in the Fourways and/or Sandton areas. How much will it cost me?

  118. Hi

    My Kindle is no longer charging properly.

    Who must I contact in the Durban area for service?


  119. My kindle won’t charge despite using 2 different chargers. Where can I et it checked out or repaired. I live in Durban South AFRICA??
    I bought it on line.
    Best regards

  120. Hi
    My kindle is 5 years old, today the “go to” box has appeared and I cant remove it at all. Is there a place I can take it in for repairs in the Gauteng area?

  121. I have an older Kindle. The battery is playing up. Where can I go to get a new one in SA?

  122. My kindle screen has frozen. The pic is the empty battery indicating it needs to connected to a power point. Several attempts to charge it doesn’t change the power level. We are not sure if it was dropped

  123. My kindle screen has frozen. The pic is the empty battery indicating it needs to connected to a power point. Several attempts to charge it doesn’t change the power level. We are not sure if it was dropped

  124. Hi, my kindle is 1 year old. I cannot turn it on. Where can I take it to be repaired?

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