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Kindle Tablet & HP TouchPad

Kindle Tablet
With September drawing to a close, the release of the Amazon Kindle Tablet is imminent. With all the reports floating around, it seems to be a capable 7-inch LCD touchscreen tablet…with the key differentiator being the low price.

With the recent fire-sale of HP Touchpads, it is clear that there seems to be immense demand for a lower priced Android tablet. And whilst HP (and other players in the low-cost tablet market) don’t really have the infrastructure to support selling tablets at cost, Amazon could very easily subsidize the Kindle Tablet via marketing and/or cloud service upsells.

So how does this affect the potential success of the Amazon Kindle Tablet? Persoanlly I think that at a price of $250 (about R 1900), the device almost costs as much as the Kindle 3G but offers much more in terms of functionality. So die-hard Kindle fans won’t be scared off by an excessive price tag, and could well just see the Kindle Tablet as the latest update to the Kindle family.

For the techies, the pricing of the Kindle Tablet will recall the frency that was the HP Touchpad sale – only this time, you’re getting a fully supported device and not a tablet that is no longer supported by its manufacturer

So will the Kindle Tablet simply succeed on Price alone? Or will the hype die down and see the Kindle Tablet left behind in the post-Christmas debris? Share your thoughts below…

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