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Kindle Paperwhite


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite South Africa review: Excellent reading experience, slightly diminished battery life The Kindle Paperwhite delivers a brilliant display, intuitive touchscreen interface and a sleek and attractive design. Here's our Kindle Paperwhite 2016 reviews. What better way to test an eReader than with reading, reading and more reading! And that's exactly what we did with the Kindle Paperwhite over …

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New – Kindle eReader 2016


Amazon Kindle 2016 review: For when you just need a cheap, no-frills eReader The Kindle has over the years established itself as the almost de-facto eReader of choice! With Amazon releasing it's new entry-level Kindle eReader for 2016, we take a look at whether the cheap price makes this the most attractive alternative. Here's our Amazon Kindle 2016 review. We …

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Kobo Touch Review

kobo touch south africa

Kobo has recently announced a strategic partnership with Pick n Pay to supply its Kobo Touch eReader in South Africa – and at just below R 1000, it comes in around R 300 cheaper than the entry level Kindle. But is it worth it or are you better off saving for the latest Kindle Paperwhite? Whilst Kobo is certainly not …

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Kobo Mini Review

kobo mini

With it’s recent partnership with Pick N Pay, Kobo has made its Kobo Touch model easily available to South Africans in an effort to gain marketshare in a market that is – still – fairly open to competition. But Kobo has more to offer than just it’s flagship Kobo Touch model – meet the smallest eReader money can buy! Even …

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How To Fix Broken Kindle Screen

broken kindle screen

As great as the Kindle’s eInk screens are, they are the most fragile element of the reader and unfortunately do have a habit of “breaking” – either in the form of a physical crack, the screen going blank or not rendering the pages properly or just plain “freezing” up. Most of the times this means that the fragile TFT display …

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