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Does The Kindle Fire Work In South Africa?

Since the release of the Kindle Fire, e-reader.co.za has received quite a few queries regarding its functionality and support in South Africa. Thanks to this extremely informative guest-blog post by Mike Kirby, we can now answer some of the main questions around what you can and cannot do on your Kindle Fire in South Africa. Which Kindle Is For You …

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How To Connect Your Kindle To WiFi

how to connect to wifi

If you’re struggling to connect your Kindle to a WiFi connection, then this is the guide for you. Connecting your Kindle to a WiFi connection is quick and easy if you know how….hopefully the quick tips below will help you connect without any hassles. First Off… In order to be able to search and shop for books, newspapers and other …

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Kindle Touch Review


Kindle Touch is as good as any touch reader out there, but there’s nothing particularly exceptional about it… With the Kindle Touch now becoming available in South Africa on bidorbuy and through various importers, I just had to get my hands on one to test it against my Kindle 4. So if you’re considering buying a Kindle Touch, hopefully the …

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Kindle – Now In South Africa

Local retailer Incredible Connection just announced that they struck an exclusive agreement with Amazon to be the local re-seller of the famous e-reader! Although the Amazon Kindle was always available via Amazon, the exclusive deal between Incredible Connection and Amazon will mean that Incredible Connection will provide in-store technical support to Kindle buyers, with trained staff helping customers to set …

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How To Get A Kindle Fire in South Africa

Live in South Africa? Can’t wait to get your hands on a brand-new Kindle Fire? Then read on for tips on how to get your Kindle Fire in South Africa… Well it’s pretty clear that the Kindle Fire will be the must-have gadget for Christmas this year – at around $200 it finally makes sexy touchscreen tablets affordable for everyone! …

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