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Kindle Tablet & HP TouchPad

With September drawing to a close, the release of the Amazon Kindle Tablet is imminent. With all the reports floating around, it seems to be a capable 7-inch LCD touchscreen tablet…with the key differentiator being the low price. With the recent fire-sale of HP Touchpads, it is clear that there seems to be immense demand for a lower priced Android …

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Kindle Tablet – Does It Fall Short?

Following the first actual viewing of the “New Kindle” by Techcrunch, reactions regarding the much anticipated “iPad killer” are somewhat muted…. Rumours around the New Kindle have been floating around the web for a while now, but only recently has the existence of a new Kindle device actually been confirmed. Techcrunch reported yesterday: “How do I know all of this? …

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New Kindle Launch Imminent?

Increased aniticipation over the launch of Amazon’s Latest Kindle, after the company slashed another $ 40 – $ 50 off Kindle retail price. Just like Amazon did before the launch of its Kindle 3, the online retailer is once again aggressively cutting prices for its top-selling e-reader. Marketed as “refurbished Kindle 3”, the price for Wifi enabled devices has dropped …

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Kindle Covers – Where To Get Them

You’d think our electronic retailers in SA would be quick to jump on the Kindle Accessories bandwagon and stock their stores with all the latest covers, sleeves, lights… But for some reason, that doesn’t seem to be the case! After repeated trips to my local HiFi Corp, Incredible Connection and Computer Mania, I was surprised to find that not a …

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Ars Technica Tests Kindle Rapid Publishing

Following on from its first foray into rapid publishing with Unmasked – a look at the hacker group Anonymous – Ars Technica decided to go ahead and publish its much anticipated Lion OSx review using the Amazon Kindle platform. This particuar review – an annual write up by John Siracusa – is considered mandatory reading for most MAC developers and …

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