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Best eReaders South Africa 2016

Below you can find our list of the top eReaders currently available in South Africa! We keep the list as fresh as possible so please keep checking back from time to time to browse our latest reviews…

What do we look for when evaluating the best eReaders?

With so many models becoming available in South Africa, we carefully evaluate each new model against the criteria laid out below to ensure we present an objective and useful review of each new eReader.

From the design and placement of the buttons to the all important screen technology, we discuss the outside look and feel of the various models.

How easy is it to get content for your eReader? This is not an issue if you’re buying a Kindle, but some of the smaller brands might have restrictive offerings.

Memory/Battery Life
Memory is a key consideration as it determines how much you can store on your eReader. Battery life is after the screen selection probably the most important element to consider – make sure your chosen model supports your extended reading binges.