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Kindle Paperwhite – Now Shipping

Amazon began shipping its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader on Monday, and it’s a sure-fire hit! Whilst there was obviously much anticipation around Amazon’s first back lit screen, there were some initial concerns for fans of the good old eInk screen. However, it seems that these are unwarranted – Time Magazine reported today that the Kindle Paperwhite “is the best eReader yet”. …

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Amazon Introduces All New Kindles!

Many of you might have noticed that the Kindle Touch has mysteriously been out of stock on Amazon.com for the last couple of days. This has inevitably triggered rumours around a possible all new Kindle to be launched – and Jeff Bezos certainly didn’t disappoint at this week’s press con in Santa Monica. Introducing the Kindle Paperwhite! The Kindle Paperwhite …

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Kindle – Now In South Africa

Local retailer Incredible Connection just announced that they struck an exclusive agreement with Amazon to be the local re-seller of the famous e-reader! Although the Amazon Kindle was always available via Amazon, the exclusive deal between Incredible Connection and Amazon will mean that Incredible Connection will provide in-store technical support to Kindle buyers, with trained staff helping customers to set …

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Kindle Tablet – Does It Fall Short?

Following the first actual viewing of the “New Kindle” by Techcrunch, reactions regarding the much anticipated “iPad killer” are somewhat muted…. Rumours around the New Kindle have been floating around the web for a while now, but only recently has the existence of a new Kindle device actually been confirmed. Techcrunch reported yesterday: “How do I know all of this? …

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New Kindle – Could It Look Like This?

With the recent announcement of the Nook Color dethroning the Kindle as the most popular e-reader, comes renewed interest surrounding Amazon’s much anticipated New Kindle. If various tech sites are to be believed, we could possibly expect not only one – but two – new Kindles to be launched by the end of this year. Whilst information is still very …

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