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New Kindle 2011

Kindle Tablet – Does It Fall Short?

Following the first actual viewing of the “New Kindle” by Techcrunch, reactions regarding the much anticipated “iPad killer” are somewhat muted…. Rumours around the New Kindle have been floating around the web for a while now, but only recently has the existence of a new Kindle device actually been confirmed. Techcrunch reported yesterday: “How do I know all of this? …

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New Kindle Launch Imminent?

Increased aniticipation over the launch of Amazon’s Latest Kindle, after the company slashed another $ 40 – $ 50 off Kindle retail price. Just like Amazon did before the launch of its Kindle 3, the online retailer is once again aggressively cutting prices for its top-selling e-reader. Marketed as “refurbished Kindle 3”, the price for Wifi enabled devices has dropped …

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