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Cheapest Kindle in South Africa

Where to Find the Cheapest Kindle in South Africa?

If you can’t wait for the 8 days or so delivery time and you need to get your Kindle right now, you can buy your Kindle locally in South Africa. In most cases, the resellers will offer overnight delivery. But be prepared to pay slightly more than on Amazon, as the resellers have to take a cut as well.

For your convenience, I’ve created the table below which (hopefully) lists the main online resellers of Kindles in South Africa and will help you find the cheapest Kindle!

I will try and update the table regularly, but please let me know if you found a cheaper deal somewhere else!

Cheapest Kindle – Updated 31 March 2012

Kindle Touch Kindle 4 WiFi WiFi & 3G DX
Bidorbuy.co.za R 1 600 R 1 045 R 1 439 R 1 799 R 3 599
Kalahari.net NA NA NA NA NA
RocketShop.co.za R 1 939 R 1 429 NA R 2 299 R 3 950
WantItAll.co.za R 1 836 R 1 487 NA R 2 019 R 5 141
PriceCheck R 1 939 R 1 279 R 2 199 NA NA
Take2.co.za R 1 999 NA NA NA NA
iGear.co.za R 2 299 R 1 469 NA R 2 499 NA


  1. Thanks a lot – bought my Kindle here as you said for R 1 399! Happy:)

  2. I got one off http://www.wantitall.co.za for R2195 for a 3G version and free delivery. 🙂

  3. guts aren’t the same. Kindle classic has only 2 GB of mmeroy, Kindle touch 4GB. Battery life is twice longer in Touch version. Besides, what is perhaps less important Kindle touch has speakers and stereo audio jack while Kindle Classic has not.. So it doesn’t have text to speech option. On the other hand Classic version is slightly lighter, and has hardware buttons for page turning, what is an advantage for me because preserve the screen from being dirty.

  4. i would like to buy a kindle for my mother, but she is partly sighted,
    so i need to order the cheapest kindle with audio,

    please advise which one is suitable,

    derek hauptflesich

  5. The Amazon store is still marginally cheaper but your statement that import duties etc is included is untrue. I bought a Kindle paperwhite 3G on Amazon and this is the final bill (it included a cover). See the shipping and handling and import fees …. you only see this when checcking out.

    Shipping Method: AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping
    Items: ZAR 2,204.06
    Shipping & handling: ZAR 387.07
    Total before tax: ZAR 2,591.13
    Estimated tax to be collected: USD 0.00
    Import Fees Deposit ZAR 339.48
    Order total: ZAR 2,930.61

    • Hi Johan

      Thanks for the breakdown – you will see that this is included in the pricing table on our homepage….the statement re the shipping duties being included was more to highlight to customers that there will not be additional “surprise” charges once the device is in SA. The fact that Amazon only provides these details at the checkout is slightly annoying, but still allows for an easy cost comparison between ordering the Kindle from Amazon or going via a local grey importer.

  6. Johann
    Have you checked the exchange rate that Amazon uses to calculate the price?
    Today for example the real rate is R9.15 but Amazon charge R9.50.
    The VAT is also not displayed on Amazon.
    The likes of Incredible Connection are officially appointed by Amazon.No waiting time for delivery no delivery frustrations like post office strikes.
    And most important a 12 month warranty without waiting for a replacement from the US.
    Most grey importers also sell the special offers model in SA which was never intended for this market.
    Even if the official retailers are slightly more expensive it is worth it

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