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NOOK Color – Crossing the Divide

There has always been a clear distinction between e-readers and tablets in the past (think Kindle vs Ipad) but with the announcement of the Barne’s & Noble’s new NOOK Color, this distinction could be deteriorating rapidly. Let’s take a closer look at the NOOK Colour….

The Nook Color

Colour Tochscreen

The NOOK Color boasts a super sexy 7-inch VividView™ Color Touchscreen – a definite change from other contemporary e-readers. And even though this is a typical tablet backlit LCD screen rather than a more extic solution like the e-ink touchscreen rumoured for the New Kindle, it’s a definite step towards merging tablets and e-readers.

Android OS

Yes, just like all things cool these days, the NOOK Color runs on Android 2.1! This allows the NOOK to offer some advanced web and browsing capabilities – like social sharing features (dubbed NOOK Friends™) and full featured email! Particularly the email feature is a much anticipated addition, and since the somewhat failed Blackberry Playbook high up on the wanted list for new e-readers and tablets alike.


With the Android OS comes the opportunity to further personalize the user experience with the addition of apps for download. Even though these will be limited to Barne’s & Noble’s own store and not opened up to the Android Market….

It’s already been referred to as the poor man’s iPad and you have to ask yourself whether trying to bridge the gap between e-reader and tablet is a good competitive move. But with the new Kindle rumoured to include a coloured touchscreen as well as browser capabilities, maybe Barne’s and Noble managed to finally get one up on the competition….

Price quoted as $ 249.

Barne’s and Noble currently doesn’t ship to SA – now there’s an opportunity for South African online resellers:)

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  1. I was lucky enough to test all three devices on a recent trip to the UK – imho the iPad is still the tablet to beat – and as stated in the article I find the Nook to be somewhere neither here nor there…definitely a step in the right direction, but a couple of product updates away from being a game changer!

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