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How To Fix Broken Kindle Screen

As great as the Kindle’s eInk screens are, they are the most fragile element of the reader and unfortunately do have a habit of “breaking” – either in the form of a physical crack, the screen going blank or not rendering the pages properly or just plain “freezing” up. Most of the times this means that the fragile TFT display has broken – even with the protective plastic cover Amazon puts over the screen, they are only just over 1mm thick and very fragile. Any unintended pressure – like a pair of keys or loose change in your handbag – can break the small eInk elements.

Tip: Make sure you invest in a good-quality cover to avoid your Kindle Screen breaking.

1. Troubleshooting a blank Kindle Screen

If you’re screen just froze or went blank there is a slight chance that you can fix it by doing a so-called restart.

This can be done as follows:

  1. Press or slide and hold the power button for 20 seconds
  2. After 6 to 8 seconds, the screen will go blank. This is normal. Continue to hold the power button.
  3. After 20 seconds, release the power button. The charge indicator light will turn on after a few moments. For Kindle Fire, press the power button again.

If you’re lucky – and the screen isn’t actually broken – the above reset could fix the Kindle screen. If not, read below for some more info on how to fix your Kindle screen.

2. How can I fix my broken Kindle Screen

Unfortunately, since the screen is the most expensive element of the Kindle, Amazon doesn’t really offer any replacement service. However, there are a variety of ways in which you can get the screens fixed – or at least get a discount or replacement. The main problem is that most of these require you to send the Kindle back to Amazon and since they are based in the States, the shipping charges can add up.

2.1 Getting a new Kindle from Amazon

As mentioned above, Amazon doesn’t repair Kindles with broken scrceens, they generally just replace them or give you a dicsount on yoru next purchase. This might sound wasteful, but unfortunately makes sense for the company as teh screen is the most expensive art of the Kindle and it’s not worth it to repair.

There are luckily a number of ways to get a replacement – or at least a discount – from Amazon:

If your Kindle screen breaks within the first 30 days of use, Amazon will ship you a new device without any charges!

If your Kindle screen breaks within the first 12 months, you should still be covered by Amazon’s 1 year warranty and can apply for a replacement free of charge. However some shipping charges could apply.

If you had your Kindle for longer than 1 year you’re no longer covered by Amazon’s warranty but it’s still worth to contact Amazon customer support as they sometimes offer discounts if you buy a new Kindle.

You can get hold of Amazon Customer Support via this link.

2.2 Fixing The Kindle Screen Yourself

Whilst it’s certainly possible to fix the Kindle Screen yourself, it does require some fairly confident DYI experience. And of course a replacement screen!

Whilst these can be purchased via eBay overseas, getting these in South Africa can be problematic. And even if you do manage to purchase one, they will cost anything from R500 – R700 which is quite a big chuck of the price of a brand new device.

2.3 Finding A Kindle Screen replacement in South Africa

Finally, you can try getting in touch with some of the 3rd party resellers in South Africa – these guys ship a lot of Kindles with Amazon and probably have access to cheaper shipping so they might be able to help you out.

The one company we can recommend is Genesis Trading.

I do hope this brief guide helps – I would be interested in your experience of fixing your Kindle screen, so please do share any tips with us through the comments.


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