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Kindle – Now In South Africa

Local retailer Incredible Connection just announced that they struck an exclusive agreement with Amazon to be the local re-seller of the famous e-reader!

Although the Amazon Kindle was always available via Amazon, the exclusive deal between Incredible Connection and Amazon will mean that Incredible Connection will provide in-store technical support to Kindle buyers, with trained staff helping customers to set up Amazon accounts.

But what’s the catch?

Well, you just have to look at the prices for the devices to realise that Incredible Connection charges quite a premium for their “local value add”. See below for a comparison between Amazon’s Kindle prices and the amount that Incredible Connection will charge (prices taken from here).

On 12 November the prices for Kindles are:

NEW Kindle Wi-Fi & 3G Lighted Leather Cover

Amazon (incl. Shipping & Tax)

R 1 101.78 R 1 739 R 770

Incredible Connection

R 1 499 R 2 499 R 799

Whilst the price difference for the New Kindle is not that much, paying R 700 more for the Kindle 3G is a bit of a rip-off! And if you buy you cover when you buy you Kindle, you only pay shipping once – so the actual price for the cover from Amazon is actually closer to R 400 than the quoted R 770.

So unless you’re extremely worried that your Kindle will break and you have to ship it back to US – don’t be fooled and buy your Kindle quickly and easily on Amazon!

For more info on how to buy you Kindle, please visit Amazon Kindle South Africa.

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