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Kindle Accessories South Africa

I’m not 100% sure why, but finding Kindle Accessories in any of the big electronic stores in South Africa is a lost cause. Luckily, there are quite a few quality sellers online that can supply you with the latest Kindle accessories such as Covers, Protective Screens, Lights or Sleeves.

Below is a short list of must-have Kindle accessories:

Kindle Covers

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover
from R 700
The official Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover for the latest Kindle 3 comes complete with a light, so you can continue reading your Kindle long into the night.

Pro’s: real leather, a variety of stylish colours, light included, draws power from Kindle – so no extra batteries needed
Con’s: pricey

Kindle Synthetic Leather Cover
from R 60
Don’t take your Kindle anywhere without one of these! Keep your Kindle scratch-free with this professional looking synthetic leather cover.

Pro’s: great value for money, all buttons and port are accessible, smart design
Con’s: no light included, synthetic leather, black colour only

Kindle Silicone Cover
from R 100
Cheap protective cover solution for your Kindle. If at all possible, spring a couple more Rand and opt for a cover that protects the screen as well.

Pro’s: non-slip feel, does not make Kindle thicker
Con’s: keyboard and screen not protected